What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, smartphone or tablet via your web browser. Cookies are copied to the hard drive of your device whenever you visit our website, thus allowing our system to remember you next time you visit and giving us the chance to improve your website experience.

Cookies may be temporary cookies (so-called ‘session cookies’), which are used only while you are visiting our website and are removed as soon as you close the browser, or they may be permanent cookies, which remain on the hard drive of your device after you have left the website, either until you remove them yourself or until your browser eliminates them at a later date.

Why does Carglass® use cookies?

We use cookies to remember you and to improve the content of our site.

We use a number of temporary cookies, so that we can remember you each time you visit our website, but we also allow third parties (namely Google) to use analytical cookies (of both a temporary and permanent nature) on our website to collect information about the parts of our website that are visited most frequently and to check how much traffic is generated by our adverts.

This information is used to improve the content of our website, increase its convenience for users and to demonstrate how efficiently our internet adverts are performing. We consider these cookies to be a minimal invasion of privacy. We do not allow any third-party cookies on our website, that are placed to track your surfing behaviour in order to allow more targeted marketing (Online adverts).

We use a variety of different cookies on the Carglass® website.
1. Essential cookies: these cookies are required to be able to visit our websites and are essential for operating certain parts of these websites. These cookies allow you to do things such as navigate between the various parts of the site, to complete forms and to make an appointment.
2. Functional cookies: functional cookies are those that make it easier for our websites to function and more pleasant for the visitor, and which provide a more personalised surfing experience. These can be the cookies that remember your language preference, as well as the ones that remember whether or not you have already been asked to take part in a survey, meaning that we don’t have to keep asking you.
3. Performance cookies: performance cookies are used to gather information on how visitors use our websites, aimed at improving our websites, adapting them to the needs of our users and increasing their convenience. There is, for example, a cookie that helps to count the number of unique visitors we receive and a cookie that remembers which pages are the most popular.

Cookies worden gebruikt op onze website:

Cookie-Name Type Value Intended use / Description Compulsory for the service
CTOOL_TRACKME persistent "J" for approval, "N" for refusal of tracking Cookie to store information about the agreement to store tracking information. Yes
BELRON_LANG persistent "de", "en" or "nl" depending on language selection Cookie to store language code of the last selected homepage (language choice). Yes
JSESSIONID Session unique session id to identify logged in user Cookie to store session information (login). Yes

The entries in the "Type" column have the following meaning:

"Session" means that the cookie is used for the session, ie the duration of your visit and then deleted.

"Persistent" means that the cookie remains stored on your mobile device even after visiting the Website.

"3rd Party" means that the cookie is not set by BELRON but by a third Party.

Manage cookies

You can accept or refuse cookies

Via your browser settings you can refuse to install cookies. You can at any time remove the installed cookies from your computer or mobile device.

We advise you to accept our cookies as well the cookies of third parties to have the most optimal functionalities of this website.
Browser settings can be changed via the toolbar.

If you would like to refuse the advertising cookies (i.a. from Google) you have to go to the website

If you refuse to receive advertisements based on your surf behavior and the remarketing cookies, such as used by Google, you can change your settings via Google Ads Preferences Manager. Google advises also to install Google Analytics Opt-our browser Add-on.

Storage of cookies

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