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CARGLASS N.V. (Hereafter referred to as “Belron Distribution”) provides the present information based on the following general terms and conditions (‘Usage terms and conditions’) related to use of this website (‘website’) and Belron Distribution’s presence on the Internet.

Information, Indemnity

All information presented on this website is non-binding. Belron Distribution does not guarantee the results or reviews that may be given when using the information, namely with regard to current events, accuracy, effectiveness and comprehensiveness of the information, content and documents. Equally, Belron Distribution does not guarantee that this website contains all the information known to Belron Distribution.

Belron Distribution’s performance

Belron Distribution has the right at any time to withdraw this website from operation, either in part or as a whole. Belron Distribution does not guarantee that this website will be available without interruption, due to the nature of both computer systems and the internet.

Agreeing a contract, General terms of sales and delivery

Neither this website nor its content constitute an offer for the delivery or supply of products or services. Contracts made between Belron Distribution and the customer are governed by the Belron Distribution’s general sales and delivery terms and conditions. These are found under the general Terms and Conditions (see General Terms and Conditions).

Industrial patents
The logos BELRON and Belron® are registered trademarks belonging to Belron S.A. and its subsidiaries and may be used by Belron Distribution within the terms of the licence agreements.

All rights are reserved with regard to the industrial patents held by Belron Distribution. The user shall observe these rights. Information and other content, brands, copyrights and any other industrial patent rights from this website may only be used, downloaded, copied, sold, rented, modified or used in any other manner given prior agreement from Belron Distribution.

Hyperlinks to third-party websites

This website may contain links to third-party websites. Belron Distribution is not responsible nor liable for the content of these third-party websites, nor does Belron Distribution have any claim over these websites or their content, having no control over them, not testing them and holding no responsibility whatsoever for their content or information. Those using any content and/or websites that are connected via a link do so at their own risk.

Liability for material defects or legal defects

Insofar as Belron Distribution provides information, content, software or documentation free of charge they cannot be held liable for material or legal defects in the information, content, software or documentation, namely with regard to current events, accuracy, effectiveness, comprehensiveness, relevance and any lack of third party industrial patents - except in the case of deliberate and malicious intent or harm to life, body or health.

Other liability, viruses

Belron Distribution’s liability for material or legal defects is based on the terms of these usage conditions. In every other regard Belron Distribution shall not be held liable, except in cases of wilful conduct, gross negligence, harm to life, body or health, the transfer of a quality guarantee, a malicious silence regarding a defect or due to the violation of essential contractual duties required by law for which Belron is legally responsible. Compensation linked to fundamental contractual obligations is limited to the amount defined in the contract as potential damage, provided there is no intentional misconduct or gross negligence.

Due to the nature of computer systems and the internet Belron Distribution is unable to guarantee that these are free of viruses. Users should take the appropriate measures and use virus scanners to protect themselves when downloading information, content, software or documentation and to avoid viruses on the Belron Distribution website. The downloading of information, content, software or documentation is at the user’s own risk.

Applicable law, authorised court of law

Belgian law is applicable to the exclusion of UN trade law. Hasselt shall be the authorised court of law in the event that the user is considered a trader under the commercial code.

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