Explanation on ordering

Fast and easy

To allow you to enjoy the best possible service, we have this website at your disposal. You are just a few clicks away to send us your order.

How do I place my order?

1. Log in with your user-ID and Password.

2. Possibilities for the right glass selection:

  • You have a Eurocode: Enter Eurocode
  • You do not have a Eurocode: Enter your car-brand and then select and complete the other frames
  • Choose from the list
  • An offer is generated with suggestion of all according mouldings and clips. If necessary you can order them at the same time.

3. Finally you need to “agree” to having the order executed according to the appliccable terms and conditions.

4. You can now choose to place the order or to exit without ordering.

5. In the last frame, your order is confirmed.

Forgot your password?

To request a new password, please enter your registered user name and e-mail address on belronfranchiseportal.com. You will eceive an e-mail with the new Password.

Thank you!

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